Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roadtrip to HAuNTcon

This is somewhat Halloween related. I'm driving to a haunter's convention, HAuNTcon. I left Sunday morning and plan on being in Kentucky by Monday night. I love to drive. I feel like it's restful. But then, I'm heading to an area that is getting reports of tornadoes and bad weather. You know you really wanna go somewhere pretty bad when you're driving to a state that is full of tornadoes. Hey how crazy is that? Ok, so I'm a little nuts, too.

I started off driving through all sorts of weather. Within the first hour after I left the house I drove through snow. A little later, hit rain. Now 4 hours later, it's nice. (Only in Colorado... and Kansas.) Bunch of wind.

While driving I had thoughts (can you believe that?... real thoughts.) One of my thoughts were to tell you about some of the ramblings of what goes on in my head (*scary*) when I am by myself on a two day drive... (Clear as mud? Well then, let's get on with it.)

Have you ever wondered about what your mind thinks about while driving all by yourself. Do you have focused thoughts or is it all over the place? Sometimes my mind wanders and I don't have to try to think about anything. Go into "zombie mode". Whatever "pops" into my mind is what I think about. Sometimes I have to focus on what I want to think about so my mind will wonder on a specific items. (That's when I get these epiphanies!)

A friend of mine was going to ride with me but couldn't because of work commitments. So I am by myself car dancing to the music. I have it turned on pretty loud.

Don't you love it when someone passes you very fast and then about a mile down the road you see him pulled over by a cop? Priceless... glad it's not me.

You ever play games with the ones you pass by? Whether they are aware of it or not. I usually play a type of leap frog game. I pass them and then they pass me, back and forth. What can I say? It passes the time.

I stayed in Bonner Springs, Kansas the first night. I slept horribly. Probably because I was tired. Probably because I wasn't in my own bed. They had a nice hotel. Bed was nice. Just slept bad. Hard a hard time falling asleep and then tossed and turned all night. Probably ate way too much junk food during the drive. Sugar overload. Not a good thing.

The next morning the wake up call did not happen. Don't think I slept through it. My sleep was too light. Woke up to being hurried and rain.

Rain, rain, and more rain during the drive for the second day. It stops raining in Saint Louis, Missouri. Long enough to view all the destruction from the tornado that hit the day before. Looks like Jurassic Park movie. All the tops of the trees had been eaten off. The trunks of the trees were shattered. There was blue tarps on all the roofs of the buildings. Some buildings had their "guts" laying out on the ground next to the highway. Then rain again.

I had to play my Rocky Horror Picture Show tunes and sing along. That gets me in the mood.

I was about 38 miles out when the countryside was very beautiful (in Kentucky at this time). Dark luminous clouds up above. But at that moment no rain. The countryside reminds me of driving to the mountains in Denver. Just greener and not so rocky. My headlights are on, that's how dark it is. Very green but then it has rained a lot too.

I'm excited about getting there but more excited about sleeping.