Sunday, February 27, 2011

FCG's 2nd Part Make-N-Take

We had our 2nd part Make-N-Take yesterday. It was great seeing everyone again. This time it was a bit harder but not harder, if that makes any sense.

Andrew, our host, had everything all sorted out for us. That was an amazing feat by itself. There were 17 people attended, not sure how many motors were done but Andrew had to sort all those screws and washers and little eye hooks and all the other bits and pieces into little baggies for each individual's area. He got all the wood cut, scored, holes drilled too. There were a few boards not drilled but nobody's faulting him for that. There was so much he had already done.

I, being so electronically inclined (*sarcasm*), had to keep re-wiring my plug because I kept doing it wrong. Duh on me. Oh well, electronics is so not my strong point. A friend of mine's grandson knew way more about how to wire everything better than me. But what can I say, he's a mastermind at putting things together AND making them work (another story maybe). Go figure, I lost out in that department.

Anyway, we put all our pieces together. Now we need to connect them to the first part of the FCG that we did last month. I'll need the mastermind to help me because at the last I wasn't paying very close attention to how everything fitted together. After I get all the bits and pieces figured out, I'll set up a webpage on my site, All About Halloween, with all the how to's on it. I was amazed that I was able to do as much as I did.

At the end of it all, we had breakfast burritos!! AWESOME!! We had a great time, great food, great company!!

Priceless (AGAIN!)

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