Friday, February 11, 2011

We Saw our First Ghost...

together. Well, this is not MY first time but for me and my hubby, Pat, at the same time it is. The other times..., those are for another story.

Pat and I went out to dinner at, Hacienda Colorado, here in the Denver Tech Center which is in the southern end of Denver. This restaurant has this really cool fire pit and and all these chairs inside a stoned in area. The stone wall is about shoulder high. The ground had these very fine rocks. Very nice. I've sat out there in the summertime and waited to be called before. But this was not one of those nights. It was cool weather but not really freezing. Heavier coat weather. A little too cool to stay outside if there was a waiting line. This night (actually around dusk) when we got there, there was no waiting.

We had a nice meal, cozy. VERY good food. Really enjoy this place.

When leaving the restaurant, as with most restaurants, after the hostess area there is usually a set of doors before you go out another set of doors to go outside. Like a weather break area. Still no one is waiting in the waiting area.

We were in the weather break area and were about to step through the last set of doors to go into the fire pit stoned in area. We looked through a window to our right and noticed this man standing outside smoking a cigarette. You don't think much of it because all of Colorado restaurants is non smoking so they all smoke outside. No big deal.

We step outside and both of us take a double take. It was weird and sort of funny for both of us to take a second look.

There is NO ONE outside that window!

I noticed Pat had taken a second look and asked him what he saw before he stepped outside. He said a man in a brown coat and hat. I saw that too along with the cigarette that he was about to put up to his face. He was somewhat hunched down, face looking at the ground, shoulders pulled up (like it was cold, normal) about to drag on his cigarette.

I told Pat before we got to the car that we had our first ghost experience. He said, Naw!! I told him, YES, how else do you explain seeing the guy through the window and then not seeing him when we stepped out? There was no where he could have gone with the stoned in area there. The fire pit is to the left and other than the wall of the building and the other side of the stoned in area, that's it.

I would love to hear for you to share your ghost stories. Tell me your ghost story here and you'll have a dedicated page on my site.